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I had something written here that summed up the studio pretty well, but it just sounded so dry! So let’s take it from the top, because I’m all about transparency and just down to earth-ness (it’s totally a word). Although I like to refer to JMD as a studio, it really isn’t - it’s just me, a girl born in Marlborough, New Zealand, now living in Palmerston North, lover of design and all things creative, sitting at my desk each day and working hard on projects I love with dream clients I choose to work with.

Nothing fancy, just a ‘studio’ (the third bedroom in our house) that is passionate about solid brand creation, functional AND beautiful Squarespace design, and graphic design of anything else I can get my hands on.

If I had to describe my style? I’d say distinctively simple and clean, inspired by strong typography and always a bond of beauty and function (I’ll never create something just ‘pretty’ for you, it has to be intentional and thoughtful).

I’ve worked with people from all over the world, and it still makes my heart skip a beat when I get an enquiry from another country - like what an age we live in, for that to be possible?! So never hesitate to get in touch if you are over the ditch from New Zealand, because I will always be so happy to hear from you. Tiny start up? or been established for years? This studio loves to work with businesses of any shape and size and because it’s just little old me behind the computer, we’ll be working 1:1 and you’ll be at the top of my priority list.

I work with brands that give back to the planet and the community

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Oh hello! I’m Malin, the designer behind this studio—nice to meet you!


I'm a Swedish-born designer practicing from Perth, Australia. I strive to design bold, simple and significant brands for people that believe in doing their part for the planet and the community. When I'm not creating you will find me playing tea party with my daughter.

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Did you say new collaboration?


If you are interested in working with me or have a question, just complete the form below. Please include brief details about yourself, your project objectives and any timelines you have, so I can start off with an understanding of what we are working towards.




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