The Visual

Brand Package

The Visual Brand Package is perfect for:


  • 2-5 year old businesses who are investing in branding for the first time or pivoting and need a re-brand.

  • It’s also great for anyone whose business needs help to focus in on their target audience and feel more confident with their brand.

What's included:

​Every brand is different and I customise the deliverables depending on what your specific needs are, typically we include the following design elements in our branding projects: Primary Logo, 1-2 Secondary Logos, 1-2 Brand Marks, Colour Palette, Type Suggestions, Pattern, Brand Guideline. 


* Pricing starts at $3500 (AUD)

approx $2500 (USD)

Packaging Design

I help purpose-driven businesses enrich their customer experience through their packaging design. How your packaging conveys your brand story is a key ingredient to how engaging and sellable your product is. People don't buy things, they by emotions. 

What we create:

  • Custom Packaging/Product Design

  • Custom Label Design

  • Sourcing Packaging

  • Tags

  • Insert Cards

  • Bags

  • And More (just send me a message)

* All packaging is quoted per project

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